Crypto exchange solution

API-powered earnings
for your platform

Seamlessly integrate decentralized finance yields into your crypto exchange platform.

While you focus on client assets, we optimize your stablecoin returns.

Empower your users with high-yield DeFi opportunities directly through your crypto exchange, enhancing user retention and revenue streams.

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Benefits for your crypto exchange


Increased user retention

Keep your users engaged with high-yield DeFi opportunities. By offering a diverse range of investment options and personalized financial insights, you can build a loyal user base that values your platform's commitment to their financial growth.


Enhanced revenue

Monetize user deposits and share DeFi yield revenue. Yake advantage of our smart algorithms to optimize returns and offer competitive rates, thus attracting more deposits and increasing the overall profitability of your financial ecosystem.


Regulatory compliance

Operate within the bounds of global financial regulations. Ensure peace of mind for you and your users by adhering to the latest compliance standards, safeguarding assets, and maintaining transparency in all financial operations.

How it works

Offer stablecoins earnings to your clients

Integrate Coinchange's DeFi solutions into your crypto exchange.

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Strategic integration planning

Kickstart the process with a strategic plan to incorporate the Earn API for stablecoins into your crypto exchange, ensuring the new offerings align with your operational goals and enhance user trust.

Seamless technical setup

Transition smoothly with our hands-on support to integrate the Earn API into your exchange, all without disrupting your service or user experience. This step ensures technical compatibility and operational continuity.

Team training

Empower your team with comprehensive training on the Earn API's features and benefits, enabling them to manage the new services effectively and provide enhanced value to your users.

Ongoing support

Benefit from our continuous support and expert insights to keep your exchange at the forefront of the stablecoin market, leveraging the Earn API to drive user engagement and revenue growth.

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Case study

How Unocoin increased customer loyalty and revenue

In a groundbreaking move, Unocoin and have announced a strategic partnership aiming to reshape the digital asset landscape. With Unocoin's robust trading platform and's innovative financial tools, users can now expect an enhanced crypto experience like never before.


Despite their individual successes, both Unocoin and faced challenges. Regulatory hurdles, rapidly changing market dynamics, and the constant need to innovate kept both teams on their toes. Additionally, with an influx of new users entering the crypto space, there was a growing demand for comprehensive tools that could cater to both trading and analytical needs.


Realizing the potential of their combined expertise, Unocoin and decided to integrate their platforms. Unocoin users now have access to's advanced analytics and automation tools, while users can benefit from Unocoin's expansive trading options. This symbiotic relationship aims to provide a holistic digital asset experience.


"We've always believed in the transformative power of digital assets. This partnership with is just the beginning. Together, we aim to simplify, innovate, and elevate the crypto experience for users worldwide."

Satvik Vishwanathan, CEO of Unocoin

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