Earn up to 35%

on your stablecoin balance

Coinchange manages on-chain automated DeFi stablecoin yield portfolios that are optimized for the highest returns while adhering to the best industry risk frameworks.

Global reach

Accessible Portfolios

These portfolios are available for individual and business users on the web application as well as institutional clients through regulated, audited, fully licensed fund in Gibraltar.

Daily Portfolio

Portfolio value calculated daily and crystalized on withdrawal.

DeFi Products

Best DeFi Yield structured products with 4 years track record.

Yield Farming

No proprietary trading or lending - only Yield farming.

Low Risk

Limited 5% drawdown with up to 35% upside and 8 Sharpe.

Online Access

Trade, deposit, withdraw, view reporting online in the web app anytime.

AUM Management

100M AUM managed across portfolio of products.

Key Features



*limited capacity up to 100M


On Withdrawal

portfolio value calculated



No lock-up

withdrawal process time

24 hours

Growth Earn Product 7-day APY

Growth Account Strategies

Uniswap V3 Concentrated Liquidity Provisioning +
AAVE Delta Hedging

This strategy deposits Stablecoins and non-stablecoins into Uniswap V3 and AAVE protocols on the Base chain to optimize yield using a concentrated liquidity provisioning strategy.