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Earn Smart Yield on Your Idle Cash

Join us and get up to 15% annual return with the Coinchange Earn Account and get risk-managed yield on your crypto.

You can easily get started  by transferring cash or crypto with no minimums.

Buy crypto and earn yield

The Coinchange Trade Account allows users to buy and sell popular cryptocurrencies and tokens instantly and effortlessly.

Once you have purchased or deposited crypto, our Earn Account makes it easy to access the outperforming returns of the DeFi sector, earning up to 15% per year while controlling everything from one place with just a few clicks.

Try Coinchange

Get a $40
earning bonus

Earn yield with Coinchange for 90 days and we’ll add $40 worth of USDC to your account

How It Works

Activate your Coinchange account

Sign up for Coinchange, verify your email and complete your ID verification.

Fund your account

Keep a minimum balance of $500 in your account for 90 days, and complete at least 1 transaction.

Receive your rewards

Your bonus can be withdrawn, traded or invested in your Earn Account to earn yield!