Q&A #3 with Coinchange's Research Team Jerome & Pratik

August 31, 2022
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In this 3-2-1 Q&A episode, we will answer 3 questions our users asked us, 2 most critical twitter threads our readers need to be aware of, and we’ll analyze 1 DeFi hack. In summary, here is what you will be learning about:

Question 1. Where does the Yield in DeFi come from and what are the risks?

Question 2. Can you summarize the latest updates on Regulations in Crypto in the US, EU and the UK?

Question 3. What is new at Coinchange?

Twitter Thread #1: NFT Money Market Protocol BendDAO Liquidations

Twitter Thread #2: TribeDAO Unwinding

DeFi Hack Analyzed: Acala Network hack

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