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Coinchange - Crypto and DeFi Investments
Coinchange - Crypto and DeFi Investments

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Automated and risk-managed wealth management through DeFi
Lower Risk - Higher Earnings
Diversified portfolio reallocation for lower risk and higher earnings.
Easy Transfer
It's simple, it's easy! Transfer your crypto or cash into your Coinchange account to start earning.
Solid Blockchains & Protocols
Integrated with 5 blockchains and 14 protocols, such as Uniswap, Aave and Compound.
risk-managed Yield
We help our users to continually earn on cryptocurrency not matter the market, guaranteeing our customers always get a return.
Extensive DeFi Research
Our yield growth stems from the meticulously vetted and researched 14 protocols we use and are tied with stablecoins and pegged to USD.
Security Checks all the Way
Our Protocols we chose are put through numerous cycles of security checks in order to ensure that we offer only the best protocols for better yield.
Our Commitment to your security

Coinchange has extensive experience with DeFi and blockchain technologies.
This includes the security processes required to keep funds safe. We are serious about risk and have worked extensively to protect your investment.

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Grow your crypto wealth with us

Earn up to 20% yield, compounding daily.

Diversified portfolio reallocation for lower risk and higher earnings

Easily transfer crypto or cash to start earning

Integrated with 5 blockchains and 14 protocols, such as Uniswap, Aave, Compound

Risk-Managed yields on the most popular tokens

12.50% APY
Annual Percentage Yield
13.50% APY
Annual Percentage Yield
Coming Soon
Annual Percentage Yield
*Estimated Annual Percentage Yield (APY) based on historical performance at time of update (30 day average). Last update: September 27, 2022

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Grant Thornton
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K2 & Associates
Block by Block Capital

In the Press

Crypto winter has arrived–and it’s chilly out there for the thousands of employees being laid off in response to the sector’s worst downturn in several years. But the crypto industry’s loss is a potential gain for other employers in a range of industries that can benefit from the dynamism, autonomy, and analytical thinking skills that crypto natives tend to have in spades.

~ Maxim Galash, CEO of Coinchange.
Regulation is something that most industries work hard to avoid or minimize. However, for the crypto economy, regulation represents salvation. To survive, firms – and investors – should be welcoming legal frameworks that help bring crypto into the mainstream.

~ Maxim Galash, CEO of Coinchange.
Picture a world where big banks talk to coin exchanges, digital currency is blockchain-agnostic, and payments are settled almost immediately. It’s coming sooner than you think. Think of the early days of the internet. Right now, for all the attention they garner, crypto and Web3 technologies are just moving past the dial-up phase. ~ Maxim Galash, CEO of Coinchange.
Coinchange, a growing investment firm in the CeDeFi (centralized decentralized finance) industry, in collaboration with Fireblocks and reviewed by Alkemi, have issued a new study identifying the growing benefits of investing in Crypto DeFi protocols.
Decentralized finance, or DeFi, provides an alternative to traditional banks. Instead of having a third party in a financial transaction—a role banks traditionally played—there is no intermediary. Instead, transactions are handled automatically through technology, executed using smart contracts.
read the full article in Money Sense
As a high-yield consumer fintech company, Coinchange combines simplicity and profitability to provide secure investment opportunities for both average and pro users. Coinchange started out as a crypto brokerage platform before transitioning into a yielding platform for stable coin investments.
read the full article in Bitcoinist
Maxim Galash, CEO of Coinchange has said “Security and earning our customers returns on their investments are our highest priorities. We are constantly trying to ensure our customers are earning high rewards via the best protocols.”
read the full article in Yahoo News
Coinchange is currently regulated and is ensured for up to 30 million dollars with Fireblocks. To add another level of security, through a partnership with Jumio, Coinchange has KYC verification.
read the full article in NewsBTC

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Earn on your digital assets in a safe and easy way

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