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By partnering with industry leaders in custody, safety and compliance, Coinchange mitigates risk and keeps your investment secure as possible.


With fireblocks


by coincover

Audit & Compliance

by grant thornton

Industry-leading security meets industry-leading yield

Delivering an innovative opportunity to increase your wealth starts with gaining your trust. With that in mind, every decision at Coinchange is made with security, compliance and mitigation in mind.

We meet (and exceed) regulation standards in KYC and AML for our customers around the world.

From our strategic association with best-in-class partners, to our expert strategy and research team, to our talented developers – we are building a culture of compliance that delights in delivering high yields at low risk.

Biometric app security
Fraud prevention process
Robust risk-assessment
Algorithmic risk mitigation
Diverse team of cryptocurrency experts
Third-party vulnerability testing

Partnered with Fireblocks

Our Fireblocks coverage protects your investment from failures of our technology products or services which result in theft of cryptocurrency.

This covers events such as loss of data assets, cyber extortion, technology errors and technology products failure, malicious or criminal acts of employees, failure of any of our third-party providers and more.

Learn more about Fireblocks.

Secured Wallets and Keys

We use Coincover to provide government grade key storage – as well as the recovery of crypto funds in the event of a loss of access to keys.

This is military-level protection of keys that is trusted by government and law enforcement around the world.

Learn more about Coincover.

Fraud Prevention and AML Assurance

Coinchange uses OnFido as a solution for automated identity verification for KYC (know-your-customer). OnFido helps keep us secure from financial crime while also keeping the amount of friction for our clients low.

In addition, we use KYC2020, Chainalysis, Plaid to adhere to the strictest Anti-Money Laundering (AML) global compliance standards.

Learn more about OnFido

We partner with the best

Grant Thornton
G1 Ventures
Good News Ventures
K2 & Associates
Block by Block Capital

How We Evaluate Protocols

Integrating new blockchains, protocols or strategies into Coinchange takes a dedicated team that follows a predefined framework. These research and the risk assessment procedures are key to making that integration as secure and smooth as possible.


In this step we gather, analyze and synthesize intelligence about crypto projects and initiatives across the crypto asset ecosystem. We provide internal stakeholders with the knowledge and insights necessary to provide actionable insights. 

Protocol screening and risk evaluation

By building upon the content and information gathered in the previous step, we use specific criteria on a protocol or blockchain available information to uncover relevant info about risks; this includes information about the team and its vision, the protocol control, overall code quality and counterparty risk. The result is a relative risk understanding of the blockchain or protocol.

Strategy info for integration

Here we list any data point relevant for integration into the backend algorithm. We keep those data points up to date and add any new protocol data point into the current list once they successfully pass the “Protocol screening” evaluation and the “Strategy definition”.

DeFi Risks and How We Assess Them

Smart Contract Risk

  • Code security score
  • Audit & findings
  • Bounty program
  • IProtocol type
  • Verification of ownership
  • And more
Learn more about Smart Contract Risk

Operational Risk

  • Understand team and vision
  • Counterparty
  • Economic model
  • Incentives
  • And more
Learn more about Operational Risk

Liquidity and Financial Risk

  • Composability
  • TVL
  • Asset used and risk
  • Minimum liquidity
  • Volume threshold requirement
  • And more
Learn more about Liquidity Risk

Market Risk

  • Asset used and risk
  • Average APY
  • Usage
  • Minimum liquidity
  • Ratio
  • And more
Learn more about Market Risk

Custody Risk

  • Cyber breach
  • Failure in 3rd party
  • Loss of data asset
  • Malicious employees
  • Malicious employees
  • And more
Learn more about Custody Risk

Decentralization risk

  • Stakeholder power
  • Consensus method
  • Ownership
  • Control
  • Disclosure
  • And more
Learn more about Market Risk
How Coinchange assesses DeFi risks
Secure Identity Protection and Confidentiality

We use Secure Sockets Layer protection (SSL) to keep all user data encrypted – including sensitive credit information you supply.

User data is only accessible by a small number of Coinchange employees who manage identity verification and account safety.

Cloudflare & Amazon

We use Cloudflare and AWS to encrypt and secure passwords, APIs and our code.

These services also increase the speed and reliability of our products.

Learn more about Cloudflare
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