Founded in 2018, Coinchange is a leading stablecoin technology platform.

As a leading partner for businesses, Coinchange offers superior returns on stablecoins without the need for extensive training or integration. Coinchange handles it all, allowing companies and their clients to benefit effortlessly from stablecoin earnings.

The numbers speak
for themselves

The Coinchange Earn API, integrated with a reliable and regulated platform, has a solid track record of success. It's designed for businesses aiming to strengthen their services and make strategic investments in the digital future.


APY Returns*







*average annualized APY between Institutional and Retail  Portfolios
**peak AUM March 2022

Historical Monthly % APY on Stablecoins (Sept 2021 - August 2023)

Our mission

To offer tools that enhance the capabilities of businesses, enabling them to provide added value to their clientele without compromising on established financial principles.

Our Yield API, coupled with our platform, is a testament to our commitment to practical innovation. Designed to allow businesses to augment their services, we offer clients optimized returns on stablecoin in a familiar setting.

Our clients trust us.
Here is why.

By integrating Coinchange's yield API, we empowered our customers to effortlessly earn on their stablecoins. We've integrated Coinchange's yield API to empower our Unocoin customers, allowing them to earn returns on their stablecoins. This seamless solution simplifies the often intricate process of generating yield in the crypto space.

Leadership team

Benefit from Coinchange's unique balance of technical excellence and profound financial expertise, a combination that few can offer.

Maxim Galash
Chief Executive Officer
Albert Sheynzon
Oleg Serebryany
Chief Technical Officer
Vadim Filippov
Chief Product Officer
Aleksander Borowski
General Manager Europe
Sunny Ray
Head of Growth
Wesley Goschen
Olga Vezhnovec
Jerome Ostorero
Sasha Faizulin
Andrey Butynin
Egor Zinin
Egor Romaniuk
Konstantin Sasim
Pratik Wagh
Eugene Prodan
Roman Holubovskyi
Andrey Kupreev
Yosief Tekie
Maia Stasevich
Nadem Ezzat
Vladislav Tolstoy
Egor Parfenenko
Ray Lin
Mikhail Klimovich
Serge Ovsyanik
Alexey Dorofeichik
Rekha Thomas