“Enabling access to a fair, innovative and inclusive financial future for all.”

Our goal is to provide everyone the opportunity for financial freedom through
easy, safe and innovative access to digital asset investment products.

Our Mission

Enabling access to a blockchain based innovative and inclusive financial investment products for all.

At Coinchange, we strive to empower individuals to take ownership of their financial future by providing equal opportunity, innovative, and competent crypto and DeFi solutions.

We are dedicated to transforming the way people interact with their finances, giving them the power to shape their own future. We believe that everyone should have access to the same resources and technology, regardless of background, to achieve financial freedom and achieve their goals.

Through our commitment to innovation and enabling access to the most up-to-date DeFi solutions, Coinchange is dedicated to giving everyone the chance to create a secure and prosperous financial future.

Team Members

Our Vision

We aspire to improve our world and everyone’s lives.

We are a FinTech company in the blockchain space. We are helping millions across the globe - individuals and institutions - to access a safe and risk-managed platform to earn the best yield on their digital assets.

We believe that earning decentralized cryptocurrencies, especially stablecoins will fundamentally improve the lives of everyday people and help them create a better life especially in times of financial uncertainty.

We value innovation in the blockchain space and believe in a purposeful wealth disruption to all humans. We are optimistic about the future of finance and determined to guide everybody to a new and improved system where all have a chance to achieve financial freedom.

Company values

Our values are important and define us and how we work. They inform our behavior and choices we make everyday.


We believe that everyone should have access to financial services and the opportunity to manage their money.


We maintain ethical standards in all of our business dealings, staying true to our core values of integrity and fairness.


We strive to create an inclusive environment that offers equal opportunities for everyone.


We are challenging the financial system by creating innovative and inclusive financial DeFi products.


We continually iterate our products to ensure that we offer the best possible DeFi solution.


We take pride in our professional expertise and strive to exceed our customer expectations everyday.

Our leadership team

We have the balance of technical excellence and deep financial expertise, a combination that is extremely rare.

Maxim Galash
Chief Executive Officer
Oleg Serebryany
Chief Technical Officer
Vadim Filippov
Chief Product Officer
Aleksander Borowski
General Manager Europe
Andrew Bulman
Head of OTC Trading
Katrin Kourtoff
Head of People & Culture

Our offices

261-250 University Avenue, Ontario M5H 3E5, CANADA
Corporation Trust Center 1209 Orange St. DE 19801 USA
S3 Romana Dmowskiego Street, Office 9, 50-203, POLAND

Our partners and investors

Our advisor team

Our trusted advisers are invaluable resources in helping us make the best decisions.

Albert Sheynzon
Corporate Advisor & Director
Lewis Bateman
Corporate Advisor
Mariana Gomez
Product Advisor
Robert Mueller
Finance Advisor

Meet the team

Egor Romaniuk
Mikhail Klimovich
Andrey Kupreev
Nadem Ezzat
Yosief Tekie
Wesley Goschen
Egor Zinin
Egor Parfenenko
Andrey Butynin
Maia Stasevich
Jerome Ostorero
Pratik Wagh
Konstantin Sasim
Sasha Faizulin
Simona Pfreundner
Ray Lin
Olga Vezhnovec
Serge Ovsyanik
Roman Holubovskyi
Rekha Thomas
Ripal Patel
Alexey Dorofeichik
Eugene Prodan
Vladislav Tolstoy
We are always looking for exceptionally talented people to join our growing team.
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Coinchange in numbers


We are still a small team, but growing everyday,.


Over 125.000 retail client are using the Coinchange platform.


Our community is growing everyday.

app downloads

The Coinchange app has been downloaded over 500.000 time since its release.


We traded a whooping $200 million USD in currencies on our trade platform in 2022.


We have filled for all 50 MTL licenses in the Unites States with 32 approved.

In the press

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