For the past 365 days Coinchange has continued providing yield to our customers through bull and bear markets, and we will continue to generate more yield.
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Earlier in July the DeFi TVL (the amount of user funds deposited in a DeFi protocol) was ~$88 Billion. By the end of July it was ~$108 Billion.
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The crypto industry has experienced extreme volatility and instability in the last few months.
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How to earn crypto with Coinchange

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How Yield Farming Works

See how Coinchange can offer daily risk-adjusted yield on your crypto.
Step 1

You invest crypto with Coinchange

You transfer USD or crypto to your Coinchange Earn Account.

Step 2

We allocate crypto

Coinchange uses advanced models and a robust risk-assemessment process to find the best protocols to allocate liquidity to.

Step 3

DeFi users trade

Your crypto is made available on the market where users can trade and borrow assets

Step 4

Users incure fees

DeFi users pay transaction fees for trading - the more they trade, the more fees are generated.

Step 5

Fees become
our profit

Trading fees are distributed as rewards based on the proportional amount of liquidity provided, paid out in the form of reward tokens

Step 6

You earn high yield

Coinchange takes the collected protocol trading fees and pays out high yield, straight into your account! Watch your portfolio grow by the day

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