15 MIN
Nov 25, 2022

Regulations for institutions, FTX/Alameda, Apply Pay + Circle, NY FED starts 12-week CBDC program

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3-2-1 Q&A Ep#9 on the Coinchange YouTube channel is out from Jerome Ostorero, Lead DeFi Researcher and Pratik Wagh, Crypto Research Analyst. We will discuss about the Regulations for institutions around best execution and transparency around liquidity in crypto and why the FTX/Alameda situation doesn't affect Coinchange users. After that we'll move on to 2 twitter threads that users need to be aware of and finally we talk about the FTX 'Hack'.0:00 - Disclaimer0:10 - Introduction 1:04 - Best execution and transparency in liquidity, and the FASB accounting update for crypto on treasuries?3:05 - What are takeaways from interview with Pete Woodard from Alpaca Finance?4:09 - What's happening with FTX-Alameda and why coinchange users are not affected?6:32 - Twitter Thread #1: Apply Pay now available on Circle (USDC issuer)8:24 - Twitter Thread #2: Banking giants and NY FED start a 12-week CBDC pilot program10:31 - FTX 'hack' analyzed

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