30 MIN
Oct 19, 2022

Q&A #6 with Coinchange's Research Team and guest speaker Nick Kuriya from Purpose Investment

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In this Q&A episode 6 we have a very special guest, Nick Kuria from Purpose Investment, Canada who is the issuer of Purpose Spot Bitcoin and ETH ETFs. Then we cover 2 important twitter threads on interoperability in blockchain space that our users need to be aware of, and we’ll finally analyze the Binance Bridge DeFi hack. In summary, here is what you will be learning about:

Question 1. Tell us about Purpose Investment and what you offer, and how you are involved in the crypto space.  

Question 2. What is your take on Coinbase/Circle and how a stablecoin issuer generates money? How is this different/similar to the Purpose cash management Fund?

Question 3. Can you explain why Canada has a BTC and ETH Spot ETF whereas the US does not? Any comment on if Blackrock's recent announcement would make it a reality with its partnership with CF Benchmarks? 

Twitter Thread #1: SWIFT is working with Chainlink on a Cross-Chain Interoperability Protocol 

Twitter Thread #2: Circle to launch Cross-Chain Transfer Protocol for USDC

DeFi Hack Analyzed: Investigating the Binance Bridge hack which resulted in initially $500+ million stolen. 

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