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Jan 30, 2023

Expert Insights on Finance, Fintech, and Crypto: Join AMA Episode 11 with Paul McCaffrey

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Join us for Episode 11 of our AMA series as we welcome Paul McCaffrey, a seasoned industry expert. As the Managing Director and Co-Head of Equities at Keefe, Bruyette & Woods, as well as the Head of Alternative Capital Sales, Paul brings vast experience in financial investments, fintech, and the crypto space. He provides expert research and recommendations to portfolio managers in mutual funds, hedge funds, and family offices. Paul also manages KBW's high-profile buy-side clients and has been recognized as KBW's top equity sales producer for over two decades. With a track record of placing over 25% of KBW's private equity offerings, don't miss this opportunity to hear from a true industry leader.

0:00 Disclaimer0:10 Paul describes how his job duties have shifted towards restructurings

1:39 Post FTX/Alameda collapse, what are institutional investors looking at differently?

4:06 Problems institutional investors face5:51 How will the role of regulatory agencies evolve

7:16 SEC vs CFTC8:26 Congress wants to lay low

9:37 Paul talks about CBDCs and FDIC statement

11:45 Jerome points out Crypto is a scapegoat

13:11 Paul on Jamie Dimon and Bitcoin13:42 Pratik and Paul discuss Proof of Reserves

15:53 Paul makes a case for on-chain analytics capabilities for audit firms

16:22 What about Proof of Chain Liabilities?

17:57 Jerome and Paul discuss on-chain analytics

19:16 Would there be anonymity left in the future on blockchain?

20:29 Paul's predictictions/ look ahead for 2023: tokenization of real world assets

22:33 Carbon credits on blockchain

22:53 Stablecoins in 2023 vs CBDC

23:54 Impact Finance Research Report by Coinchange

24:58 DCG/ Genesis bankruptyPaul's

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