May 16, 2023

Omnichain contracts: validating blockchain states and deploying smart contracts innovatively.

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Welcome to Coinchange’s guest AMA №16. Today we have Alex Shkor on the show, CEO of Collective Intelligence Labs AKA CIL. CIL has been working on an innovative bridging solution, or an omnichain solution. Alex joined CIL in 2021, he is board of director of Paralect an accelerator & venture studio. He is also a think tank member of Blockchain for science since 2017.The topic of the discussion today is bridges and how CIL work fit within the interoperability space across blockchain. If have not already, you can get the higher level overview of what bridges are, why we need them and how we can make them more secure by reading our long form report about it on our website under resources, crosschain interoperability.

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