Mar 16, 2023

AMA with Morgen Rochard: Investment for HNWs individuals, Bitcoin's next wave, and a new way to generate yield

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Morgen Rochard joined us on our podacst with Partik and Jerome to have important conversation on Bitcoin and the current regulatory landscape. Here are the key things we discuss:

0:00 - Disclaimer0:05 - Introduction1:16 - What is the current investment thesis for high-net-worth individuals? How are they looking at Bitcoin?4:18 - What would be the next wave of adoption for Bitcoin, in regards to the properties of money, whether it's like a medium of exchange or if it's a unit of account or store of value?11:53 - Ordinals, Stacks Protocol and Bitcoin NFTs16:02 - How we can generate yield on Bitcoin? Should we generate yield on Bitcoin?24:54 - How do the recent custody regulations from SEC affect Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs)?

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