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Feb 23, 2022

Coinchange Is Out Of Early Access!

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Early Access for our High Yield Account has now officially come to an end! Over the past 6 months, big developments have now been set in stone that will help elevate our platform to new heights.

Throughout the Early Access period, we've added and improved lots of key functionality to Coinchange to bring more value to you and your portfolio. Let's take a look at those improvements and what they mean for you.

Earn Account APYs

Our High Yield Account is now open to anyone in supported territories, allowing the public to earn high yields on their favorite crypto assets. Earn up to 20% APY across stablecoins like USDT (Tether), USDC (USD Coin), as well as high yields on the most popular cryptos, ETH (Ethereum), and BTC (Bitcoin).

We offer some of the highest and most competitive yields in the DeFi (decentralized finance) industry today while also keeping your funds safe and mitigating risk. 

Leaving Early Access doesn't mean we're done, though – we’ll be adding additional tokens down the line to provide our customers with more opportunities to earn on their assets, in addition to insurance to protect tokens within our custody.

Free Trading Period: No Fees

To celebrate the conclusion of our Early Access program, we’ll be removing trading fees from our platform for a limited time only. 

That’s right! Until March 21st 2022, we’re eliminating the 0.5% commission fee on all trades on Coinchange - that means there will be no trade, deposit, or spread fees.

Quick Invest

Quick Invest provides an easy and seamless way to convert your cash into crypto on the spot. When you transfer fiat from your bank into your High Yield Account, you can instantly turn your funds into any supported token on our platform and immediately begin earning yield.

It’s never been easier to invest in crypto. Now, you can get started with the click of a button. Don’t waste another second keeping your hard-earned cash in the bank - transform your money into crypto with Quick Invest and begin earning high yields.

Mobile & Web 2.0 Apps

We’re pleased to announce the launch of our mobile and web 2.0 apps, two of our newest and most important upgrades.

The Coinchange mobile app allows you to manage your account and portfolio on the go. You still get access to all features previously accessible via the browser, now on your smartphone -  both Android and iOS systems are supported for our customers’ convenience. It’s recently undergone a major upgrade, including a completely refreshed design and improved user experience across all aspects. Additionally, the main dashboard now displays all of your portfolio holdings and investments from a birds-eye view.

For both the mobile and web 2.0 app, customers can now easily directly invest their US Dollars into our High Yield Account. Not only that, but you can also gather critical information and metrics on your monthly and total interest earnings so you can keep track of your growing portfolio. 

Other Additions

Our team has been hard at work putting together additional services and features that will greatly enhance our product offerings and provide more utility for our customers. These include:

  • Help center with customer support via phone and online chat
  • Bittrex, Circle, DV Chain, and Kraken integrated as new liquidity providers
  • Client statements
  • Control system per our SOC2 compliance report
  • Account integrations
  • Product audit in progress
  • $40 user referral program

Looking Ahead

All of these blockbuster upgrades and new features have been pivotal in contributing to the full launch of our platform. Our dedicated team has been working behind the scenes to iron everything out, putting the proper infrastructure (internally and externally with regulators) in place to make Coinchange accessible to as many users as possible around the globe.

Now, our platform is available to the masses where countless people worldwide can reap the benefits of our high yields, security, and other ecosystem components.

We will continue to improve Coinchange every day as we work toward our goal of making financial freedom truly possible.

Try Our Platform

With so many exciting additions and developments, there’s no better time to start using Coinchange than right now! Begin earning some of the highest yields on the market and watch your portfolio grow as you’ve never seen before.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up today to try it out for yourself and experience the true power of Coinchange. 

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