36 MIN
Mar 31, 2023

Blockchain and real estate: a match made in heaven to unlock the future of property investment?

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Welcome to our new AMA episode 15. Our guest for today is Nick Halaris, President of Metros Capital a West Hollywood based real estate investment and development company.

The key point of the discussion in this AMA:

1:19 - What sparked Nick's interest in blockchain technology? What made him decide to explore and interview people in this space?

4:06 - How does real estate work on blockchain? What is the process of real estate on blockchain?

8:18 - Quick buying/selling in real estate investment may attract speculators. Increased liquidity lead to greater volatility?

10:17 - How does investing in private funds work if everything is public and available on the blockchain for the secondary market?

13:07 - How can blockchain enforce real estate rules, which vary by state and county?15:04 - What pain points can't crowdfunding sites solve that blockchain can?

17:48 - The network effects of different platforms for tokenizing real estate. Fragmentation of liquidity.

21:18 - The difference between tokenization and fractionalization.

23:15 - Is it the fund that is being fractionalized or the property itself, or do both exist?  What's the current landscape?

26:32 - Do access to regulations and legal matters fertile for smaller startups, or can they only help established players?

27:38 - The probability of real estate funds and properties being tokenized in the next 10 years.

28:50 - What is the pricing mechanism used to determine the value of its tokens?

30:52 - Nick's future roadmap.

32:25 - Nick's newsletter about finance, investing, the economy, culture, politics, personal growth, and life.

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