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Aug 18, 2021

Earn Account Early Access Is Live Now

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Here at Coinchange, we have two main goals:

  1. Make sure our High Yield strategy earns money for our customers.

  2. Be the best, easiest-to-use DeFi platform in the world.

We're excited to announce that our developers and strategists have worked hard to achieve the first goal already, so we are opening up our platform for users while we set out to achieve the second goal.

In other words, the Coinchange Earn Account is Live Now in Early Access!

What Is The Earn Account?

The Earn Account puts our clients' deposited cryptocurrency to work by funding liquidity pools, a revolutionary technical innovation that empowers Decentralized Applications (dApps).

dApps charge fees on every exchange using the liquidity pool – and unlike traditional finance, there is no bank to collect them. Instead, they are delivered back to our users.

The fees have potential to add up quickly. You could earn up to a 25% annual return on your deposited crypto.

Coinchange uses advanced algorithms and proprietary methods to choose the most secure , lowest risk and highest yield pools to move liquidity into. In fact, the current stablecoin strategy has a near-zero risk for clients, so you can rest assured that your account is in good hands, and you can withdraw from the service any time.

But remember, the longer you keep your crypto deposited, the more fees you'll earn over time.

You can start earning passive income now by depositing fiat, USDC or USDT to your Earn Account.

What Is Early Access?

The Early Access stage will be an exciting period of fast-paced feature additions to our platform, as we continue work toward our goal of being the best, easiest to use DeFi platform in the world.

Users are invited to join a community of early Coinchangers. Your feedback will inspire us and help to develop the best possible platform. Feature polls, roadmap feedback and exclusive AMA sessions with our leadership team are some of the ways we hope to engage with you.

Speaking of the roadmap, Early Access users can look forward to regular improvements to the platform that increase their yield, add usability options, and strengthen security even further.

For instance, coming soon to the Earn Account are BTC and ETH additions, so users have more options for gaining yield with their cryptocurrency holdings.

Plus, Coinchange is offering an exclusive 0% brokerage fee for Early Access users, so you can cheaply buy and exchange crypto to deposit into your Earn Account.

Ready to Start Earning, Not Just Saving?

Deposit crypto into your Earn Account today!

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