May 24, 2022

Stablecoins: The Safest Way to Invest in Crypto

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Despite the turmoil over the last few weeks, I.E the weak state the market is in, including BTC and a number of other coins, Coinchange will always have you earning yield.

Our users have been earning 10-12% APY on stablecoins without fail since last summer. So, despite the current market volatility across all financial markets, these percentages of APY are still being rewarded to our users. Even now, the adage “HODL!” is and always will be the most appropriate catch-phrase for Coinchange because no matter what is happening, all our users will still be earning rewards via their Earn Accounts.


Market Fluctuations vs APY Returns 

APY yields on stablecoins vs the value of your tokens or non-stablecoins; while one can affect the overall value of your wallet and is based solely on market fluctuations, APY yield affects the percentage of return you earn based on the value of your wallet and the various stablecoins held within your Earn Account. The APY yield offered by Coinchange always offers reward yields as they are based on protocols spread across numerous stablecoins, while simply purchasing tokens and holding them relies strictly on their market value.


We diversify all our strategies and ensure they are market neutral and adhere to the most rigorous risk assurance frameworks. Included within those frameworks are in-depth and highly researched models, curated by our own team of experts, to determine and find the best protocols to allocate all our users’ liquidity towards. We even diversify your holdings across multiple protocols, again which have all been vetted in order to mitigate against threats like what just happened with Terra and Luna


This is where the difference between Coinchange and other crypto trading, or investing companies rests. Due to those vetted protocols, our users are ALWAYS earning returns, even during bear markets and overall downtrends in the industry. Think of it, your wallet isn’t only dictated by the value of what’s being held in it, you’re actually earning monetary rewards based on those holdings and how they are used, regardless of whether their inherent market value goes up or down!

How Coinchange Guarantees Returns

Through our highly scrutinized selection of protocols and algorithms utilizing stablecoins, your crypto is made available to users who can trade and borrow assets against it. As mentioned above, we have market experts who not only monitor the markets for our users, but based on those market readings, and our goals of always creating positive APY for our users, have created protocols to ensure that there are always positive gains. We’ve understood that most people are not professional traders, or even necessarily know how to read the graphs associated with market trends which is why we created an automated system. This combined with our meticulously researched protocols provides the safest and most cost-beneficial investment platform within the crypto space. For every trade made with your invested crypto, users incur fees for those uses which in turn generates more rewards for you. In short, the more people trade, the more return our users earn.

Coinchange then collects all the protocol trading fees and distributes them evenly based proportionally on the amount of liquidity provided from your Earn Account. The more you invest, the greater your yield, the larger your account grows, and the larger your proportion of yield earned. Coinchange is the easiest way to get into the DeFi market with the lowest risk, which will always have you earning positive yields no matter how the market is doing. Can you think of an easier, more efficient way to earn money? Neither could we!

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