17 MIN
Dec 21, 2022

Crypto Regulations Post-FTX Collapse, Institutional Adoption, and Why Coinchange Is Winning!

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Hello everyone, welcome to our guest AMA. Today we have Lewis Bateman on our show. He is the CEO of a publicly listed company, Spirit Blockchain Capital, and a strategic advisor for Kinetics Trading Solutions. He is also the executive chairman of Coinchange. He has been a board member for CoiniFy and Chief International Officer for Voyager. He has been a managing partner at several capital investment management firms and has been the managing director for Horizon ETFs. Lewis worked with the Toronto Stock Exchange and Merrill Lynch at one point as well

.0:00 - Introduction

1:57 - What kind of regulations are going to hit us post-FTX collapse?

6:00 - Does Lewis still see institutional interest in the crypto space?

8:16 - Coinchange Research Team announces Next Long Form Research Report on Interoperability of Blockchains.

8:45 - How can we gain back people's trust in Crypto?

13:45 - Advice from Lewis as a long time investor in Financial Markets

14:20 - How is Coinchange still providing Yield while bigger firms like Celcius and Gemini Earn went bankrupt?

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