Sep 29, 2022

Q&A #5 with Coinchange's Research Team and Chris Heron from TradeZing

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Hello everyone. Welcome to our 3 2 1 Q & A episode 5. In this episode, we have a very special guest joining us today from Trade Zing to talk about the current landscape of NFTs. Then after that, we'll discuss the two most critical Twitter threads that our readers need to be aware of. And then finally, we'll analyze the Wintermute DeFi hack and how Coinchange protects its users' funds from such hacks. My name is Pratik and I'm the research analyst at Coinchange together with Jerome, our head of research at Coinchange. And joining us for the first part is Christopher Heron from Trade Zing. 

In summary, here is what you will be learning about:

Question 1. What is TradeZing?

Question 2. What tools is TradeZing providing to NFT artists? 

Question 3. Does TradeZing plan on collaborating with NFT Collections themselves?

Question 4. What`s your take on the future landscape of NFTs?

Question 5. Who is your ideal client and where people can contact you? 

Twitter Thread #1: Starbucks partners with Polygon Blockchain to offer NFT Loyalty Program

Twitter Thread #2: NASDAQ announces crypto custody solution for Institutions

DeFi Hack Analyzed: Wintermute lost $160M due to compromised hot wallet

The transcript of this video is available here

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