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Jun 9, 2022

NFTs To Rebuild Ukraine

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Since Russia began its war against Ukraine there has been an untold amount of damage, destruction, and simply chaos that has enveloped much of the country. With that in mind, however, Rainer Stas, a Ukrainian and a key member of Coinchange’s staff decided to take it upon himself and using his knowledge of NFTs start an initiative to help rebuild his homeland.

Reinder Stas

The Goodness Army, An Army of Hope

Reiner was inspired by two explosions outside his window in Kyiv, the resounding shockwaves of the explosions cascading into an effect to counter the very nature of the explosions: they inspired hope. Each of the depictions of the NFTs symbolizes resistance. The women depicted not only commemorate the valiant citizens of Ukraine who are fighting but also show the reality of the situation; that it is all Ukrainians who are standing up for their homeland, men, women, and children. With each individual NFT, another aspect of the bravery and determination of the Ukrainian people is being represented. 

The funds gathered via the sales of these NFTs are all going to rebuild the scaffolding of Ukrainian society and reestablish a secure and strong foundation for them to grow again. On the website, you have a vast selection of options and filters to help you search through all possible NFTs which have been created. Purchasing your NFT will result in acquiring the only version of that NFT to ever be made. The NFTs created were randomly generated selecting each trait and feature that can be seen on the website, so you can rest assured that no one NFT will be like any other; or that anyone else has the same NFT as you.

Ideally, you would purchase the customized NFTs with the Ethereum (ETH) cryptocurrency, however, you can also pay directly from your web3 wallet, bankcard, or transfer any cryptocurrency listed on the WhiteBit exchange. All the instructions on how to make your payment is listed on the website for when you’re interested in purchasing your custom NFT. There are only 10000 and in a world with roughly 4.7 billion adults, you can guarantee they won’t last very long. 

How Your Donation Will Benefit Ukraine

Getting down to brass tax, all proceeds go to supporting the Ukrainian effort. With 90% of all funds going directly to the state wallet of Ukraine, which will not only use the funds to help the people of Ukraine get the needed services they require but will also go to rebuild the vital infrastructure of the country. The last 10% will go directly to further help the Goodness Army expand, essentially further allowing the organization to grow and offer even more help to the Ukrainian community through these times, and further into the future. Coinchange, a Canadian company specializing in the DeFi market is not only fully supporting this initiative, but is among some of the Institutions that have already donated to this cause.

If you would like to help the people of Ukraine, go to the link: and get your very own NFT, knowing you are not only getting a valuable piece of art but rest assured that it represents something much greater. Support for the people of Ukraine. 

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