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Crypto wealth with Coinchange

Our strategies use a combination of AI-driven automation
techniques to generate great returns on your crypto.
Unique Data Insights
Based on proprietary, historical real-time data collection, and analysis across hundreds of DeFi/CeFi instruments.
Smart Order Routing
Provide best price and execution based on aggregated orders booked from multiple exchanges.
One-Click Investing
Users can invest fiat or crypto to their High Yield Account with one click.
Managed Risk
Yield is based on protocol activity. We hedge exposure to the underlying asset and market volatility.
Deposit & Withdraw Fiat
Multiple on/off ramps to fiat make buying, selling, trading, and depositing simple.
Optimized Earning Strategies
Our yields are the same or better than the current maximum earnings across DeFi protocols we’re connected to.

High yields on the most popular tokens

*Estimated Annual Percentage Yield (APY) based on historical performance at time of update. Last update: October 06, 2022

How to earn crypto with Coinchange

Register at coinchange
Verify your identity
Make a Deposit

Calculate your yield

Get crypto  
and earn yield

Coinchange Trade Account allows users to buy and sell popular cryptocurrencies and tokens instantly and effortlessly.

Once you have purchased or deposited crypto, our Earn Account makes it easy to access the outperforming returns of the DeFi sector, earning up to 20% per year and control everything from one place with just a few clicks.

Trust our automated strategies

Coinchange Earn Accounts build on the best of the centralized and decentralized financial systems to provide investors with a user-friendly portal to access the highest yields, thanks to automated, and expertly designed strategies not just for individuals but for corporations as well. Learn more about opportunities through DeFi for your business.

DeFi for your Business

Stay safer
in DeFi with us

To put it simply, we are your safe and seamless gateway into the DeFi world, leveraging all the advantages of the emerging DeFI industry while reducing stress and complexity for the user.

We aggregate multiple platforms and protocols while protecting you from the uncertainties and risks the sector can pose for newcomers.

All of which means you can sit back and watch your money grow.

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