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Connecting institutional TradFi to the DeFi markets

Our world-class global team unites the art of investing with the science of decentralized finance.

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advancing markets

Backed by proprietary data feeds, research, and execution software, the team is well-equipped to capitalize on the ever-changing financial markets.

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Investment Strategies with leading-edge research techniques

We operate a multi-strategy fund designed to generate non-correlated returns in all market environments, relying on a range of fully automated DeFi Yield farming strategies ranging from low to high complexities and vast diversification across blockchains, mechanics, and algorithms.

Flash Carry
Classic Liquidity Provisioning
Carry Trade Arbitrage
Complex Staking Strategies
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Safe and secure

Secure automated DeFi investing

We offer managed yield on the popular tokens, handle high yield treasury management  and let you connect an API to integrate your own crypto yield offerings to you clients.

We don’t lend or trade user funds on CeFi Exchanges. All customer assets are managed on-chain across multiple DeFi protocols.
Integrated with 5 blockchains and 14 protocols, such as Uniswap, Aave and Compound.
DeFi Research
Our yield growth stems from our meticulously vetted and researched 14 protocols we use which are tied with stablecoins and pegged to USD to ensure continuous earnings.
Security Checks
The Protocols we chose are put through numerous cycles of security checks in order to ensure that we offer only the best protocols for better yield.
Unique Data Insights
We help our users to continually earn on cryptocurrency no matter the market, guaranteeing our customers always get a return.
Compliant & Regulated
We are committed to operating in compliance with all applicable regulations and standards where we conduct business.
Institutional account

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