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Coinchange partners with institutions, DAOs and high-net-worth individuals to provide opportunities for them to access the exciting earnings only possible through DeFi.


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Our expertise navigating the decentralized finance world unlocks attractive yields for our clients – much higher than banks or CeFi – because we cut out the middleman.

Instead, we generate direct value through leveraging liquidity provisioning, crypto staking and lending protocols to generate returns.

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Yield Managers

An expert member of our professional services team is ready to be your dedicated account manager, available to help you meet your specific needs for onboarding and success.

Our team has years of experience in crypto and DeFi. They understand the technology and the market, and can walk you through the ins and outs of getting started in crypto.

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Your Security - Our Priority

We take risk seriously – both in our strict security protocols and in the way we create investment and yield generation strategies.

Our experienced team has a deep knowledge of the DeFi space to provide financial stewardship and market navigation, even in rapidly changing conditions.

We only employ the most widely-respected, externally-audited and well-tested protocols. We monitor pools in which we have locked liquidity in real-time for any potential threats.

We also only work with the most established and liquid stablecoins, such as USDC, USDT and DAI. In addition, our dedicated team of DeFi experts and advisors will work with you on a custom plan to meet your needs and align with your risk tolerance.

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How We Choose Protocols

Integrating new blockchains, protocols or strategies into Coinchange takes a dedicated team that follows a predefined framework. These research and the risk assessment procedures are key to making that integration as secure and smooth as possible.

How coinchange Chooses Protocols

Protocol Evaluation


In this step we gather, analyze and synthesize intelligence about crypto projects and initiatives across the crypto asset ecosystem. We provide internal stakeholders with the knowledge and insights necessary to provide actionable insights. 

Protocol screening and risk evaluation

By building upon the content and information gathered in the previous step, we use specific criteria on a protocol or blockchain available information to uncover relevant info about risks; this includes information about the team and its vision, the protocol control, overall code quality and counterparty risk. The result is a relative risk understanding of the blockchain or protocol.

Strategy info for integration

Here we list any data point relevant for integration into the backend algorithm. We keep those data points up to date and add any new protocol data point into the current list once they successfully pass the “Protocol screening” evaluation and the “Strategy definition”.

Learn more about how we evaluate protocols.

How Coinchange Chooses Protocols

Strategy Definition

Creating Alpha

This section serves as the understanding of the delta that can be created to eventually be used in the High Yield Account. Our goal in this stage is to lay the foundation in terms of protocols with their associated low risk strategies across chains. To achieve this the strategies must be delta neutral (no exposure to market risk/volatility) or have no market risk, which leverage the composability of the protocol already in use and assessed. We also want to stay on top of any new farming opportunity, especially ones that are short lived and carry a higher risk/reward ratio thanks to the continuous flow of yield farms coming from multi-channel sources.

Strategies can be created or curated.

Created: Strategies can be created by using information from our Protocol Evaluation stage. This is done by our analyst and quant team that aim to re-use our tested and secure mechanisms already in production.

Curated: Strategies can be gathered from diverse protocols with multi-channel sourcing. We strip down the potential strategy to its core elements to highlight the basic framework in order for easy reproducibility across protocols.

How coinchange Chooses Protocols

Guideline and Allocation

Final Strategy Results and Risk Management

This section is the final part of the research process. It condenses the information from the protocol evaluation and strategy definition steps. It also adds elements of risk management to the strategies themselves together with guidelines and restrictions on AUM allocation to create diversification and highest risk to reward ratio.

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Platform Security

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Automated Strategies

Our yields are the same or better than the current maximum earnings across DeFi protocols we're connected to.

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