28 MIN
Oct 27, 2022

Crypto Q&A with Coinchange's Research Team and Paul McCaffery from KBW

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In this Q&A episode with Coinchange we have a very special guest Paul McCaffery from KBW who will talk to us about the institutional adoption and regulations in crypto.

Then we will cover 2 important Twitter threads on that our users need to be aware of, one related to Coinbase and Google partnership and the other related to Polygon partnering with Indian Police System.

And then we’ll finally analyze the Mango markets DeFi exploit.

In summary, here is what you will be learning about:

Question 1. Tell us about yourself, your newsletter and what you do in crypto.

Question 2. You being so involved with the institutional players, what are some of the most impactful events that are happening in the Institutional space that we must be aware of?

Question 3. What is the current progress on the regulatory front globally? And which sectors in crypto do you see being regulated first? And if you could touch upon the impact that could have as well.

Twitter Thread #1: Google Cloud has selected Coinbase to expand their crypto offerings.

Twitter Thread #2: Police Complaints in India will be powered by Polygon Blockchain to ensure immutability and reduce corruption.

DeFi Exploit Analyzed: Mango Markets on Solana Blockchain were exploited for over $100 M.

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