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Why choose Coinchange

Compliant & regulated
We are providing high levels of assurance to  customers & investors.
License & Regulations
No minimums, no lockups
Deposit any amount and earn instantly. We don’t participate in staking or lending, you can withdraw your funds whenever you want.
Automated risk mitigation
Coinchange yield strategies do not rely on token price movements as yield is generated regardless of market conditions assuring risk-managed yield on your assets.
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Bradley A
CEO, Fluent Finance

Coinchange has become a reliable partner

Coinchange has become a reliable partner for Fluent Finance, especially as we continue to deploy our protocol and seek increased liquidity and yield opportunities through DeFi. Their company helps us generate direct value via leveraged liquidity provisioning, crypto staking and low risk lending protocols. Coinchange provides excellent management services and we couldn't be happier with our partnership.

Put your crypto to work and grow your revenue

We help you manage your funds, hedge against risk, provide you with high returns and give you the dedicated support you need.
One-Click Investing
Easy Transfer
Solid Blockchains & Protocols
risk-managed Yield
Extensive DeFi Research
Security Checks all the Way




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Average Earned

Solutions for your crypto wealth

Automated Crypto Strategies
We offer market-neutral strategies that are constantly adjusted and adapt to the current markets allowing us to offer you low liquidity risk on your portfolio.

We employ a robust risk assessment framework to offer the best yield strategies at low market risks.
Secure Digital Asset Management
We take good care of your funds and keep your digital assets safe.

We work with leading and trusted custody partners in the DefI space and use audited smart contracts.
Compounding returns on your crypto
Our yield products are powered by DeFi and are designed to help you  generate cash flow from your crypto effortlessly.

Our APY (Annual Percentage Yield) is the real rate of return earned on our investment, taking into account the effect of compounding interest.
Arseniy Grusha
and CEO of Wattum

Coinchange is a leader in the market for DeFi Yield aggregation

We wanted to partner with the leader in the market for DeFi Yield aggregation and that was Coinchange, DeFi markets have 100's of protocols and 1000's of pools with ever evolving landscape, it's imperative to collaborate with a reliable, secure, trusted platform.

Since they support 5 blockchains, over 15 protocols and 30 pools, offer continuous risk monitoring and dynamic protocol evaluation, it saves us time and overhead costs to focus on our business while earning the highest yield on the market. We are excited to build the decentralized digital economy together.

Grow your crypto wealth, confidently.

You know you want to increase your revenue, we know how to get you there.
Dedicated funding managers are here at every step to help you increase your revenue on your idle crypto assets.

Easy Onboarding

Automatic Portfolio Strategies

Smart Yield Optimizations

Alex Friedberg
Co-Founder, BXB Capital

Coinchange offers a perfect solution to access competitive DeFi yields

We enjoy working with Coinchange because of their dedication to platform and product transparency, as well as their long-term vision towards regulatory compliance.

They offer a perfect solution to access competitive DeFi yields without you having to worry about doing your own risk management and 24/7 position monitoring.

Made for the next generation of financial players

Set your company, yourself and your clients up for the future of DeFi wealth.

Join the growing number of companies that are looking to diversify their balance sheets away from low to negative yielding fiat or traditional investments.

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Or Gold
Head Of Commercial Operations at
Panda Trading Systems

Coinchange is a leader in the market for DeFi Yield aggregation

We have chosen Coinchange for trading as it is a reliable solution to a usually challenging task of exchanging between crypto and fiat.  The support of off-ramp in combination with low exchange rates had been a deciding factor.

We also value security and Coinchange always seeks to go extra mile to ensure compliance and proactive improvement . Great addition was a dedicated account manager that would assist with any transaction or process.
And that's not Everything

What is USDC

USD Coin (USDC) is a digital dollar stablecoin developed by Circle that allows individuals and businesses to seamlessly store, send, and receive US dollars on the blockchain. Each USDC is issued by regulated financial institutions and can always be redeemed for US dollars at a 1:1 rate.

It’s the second-largest stablecoin in terms of market capitalization, and all reserve assets are confirmed by Grant Thornton, one of the leading global accounting firms. 


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Instant settlements

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And that's not Everything

What is BTC

Bitcoin is the world’s first peer-to-peer decentralized cryptocurrency, designed to facilitate electronic payments on the blockchain - it utilizes public-key cryptography to record, sign, and process transactions without a middleman on a global scale. The token has also been attributed to serving as a store of value, acting as “digital gold” to hedge against inflation. 

It was created in 2009 by an anonymous developer named Satoshi Nakamoto and is the number one cryptocurrency by market capitalization. 


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Your assets are secure with us

Government-Grade Security

We have partnered with the best in key security, compliance and penetration testing.

Learn more about our secure platform.

Strict Protocol Evaluation

Our stablecoin strategy has produced returns of up to 15% APY.

See our current yields here.

Robust Risk Assessment

We pride ourselves in mitigating DeFi risks through a combination of due diligence and algorithmic hedging.

Learn more about how we mitigate risks.

Partnered with Fireblocks

Our Fireblocks coverage protects your investment from failures of technology products or services which result in theft of cryptocurrency. Customer funds are isolated from operational funds.

MTL Licenses & State authorizations

We have an expert compliance team seeking registrations, as well as licenses around the world.

Learn more about our licenses.

Secured Wallets and Keys

We use Coincover to provide government grade key storage – as well as the recovery of crypto funds in the event of a loss of access to keys.

Christina Macedo
COO of the READY Group

We appreciate all the security measures they have implemented

We appreciate Coinchange for all the security measures that they implemented, compliance and penetration testing. Their account management team is always there to assist and give advice. Coinchange is the leader in the market for DeFi Yield aggregation, and, considering current bearish times, we couldn't be happier with our choice for a partner.

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