43 MIN
Nov 7, 2022

Best Execution for Institutions, J.P. Morgan's 1st DeFi trade & Derebit's hot wallet hacked

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In this episode we have a very special guest Stephane Reverre from SUN ZU Lab who will talk to us about the importance of Best Execution Regulations and Transparency in Liquidity for Institutions to mass adopt. Then we will cover 2 important twitter threads that our users need to be aware of, one related to How a Twitter user helped prevent a 200 billion BitBTC exploit and the other related to JP Morgan executing its first on-chain DeFi trade. And we’ll finally analyze the Derebit Exchange hot wallet Hack.

In summary, here is what you will be learning about:

0:00 Here's what you will learn today

1:00 What is SUN ZU Lab and how your service caters to specific clients?

6:02 What is stopping the Institutions from mass adoption of Crypto?

15:04 Is 'Best Execution Framework' the segway to crypto for large institutions such as pension funds?

21:30 Is it easier or harder to offer 'Best Execution Services' in Crypto compared to TradFi?

27:47 How a Twitter user helped prevent a $200 billion BitBTC exploit30:49 JP Morgan executing its first on-chain DeFi trade

37:11 DeFi Exploit Analyzed: Derebit Exchange Hot wallet HackRead our Research Report on 'Institutional Asset of Choice & Barrier to Entry' at

SUN ZU Lab Website →

Stephane Reverre on LinkedIn

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