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Coinchange - Transparency and Trust

Coinchange | Transparency, Trust, and Trust-less Solutions: Insights into Our Platform

Coinchange layers of transparency:

Coinchange is committed to transparency. Here is how we provide visibility on our platform:

  • We publish transparency reports (ex. Asset Allocation, Benchmark Analysis, etc.) on a monthly basis. These reports outline our core strategies and portfolio performance. These articles can be found in our blog section.
  • We're planning to get the attestation of assets from Grant Thorton in Q1 2023 and are planning to complete a separate audit on the operational front during that time frame as well.
  • We answer our users' questions weekly during our AMA sessions.

Coinchange layers of trust:

Coinchange understand the value of fostering trust, however we cannot simply just make claims. All of the information below is verifiable.

  • We've been working with the regulators on a regular basis.
  • We have a robust risk assessment framework.
  • We deployed user funds only in DeFi. All the assets are strictly on-chain.
  • We don't have access to your keys.

Trust-less solutions:

Coinchange is currently developing a trust-less solution. We are building a non-custodial version of our services that you can maintain custody of funds separately while still using our Earn product. With this service, you will not need to hand custody of funds to CCF and can manage them separately, hence making it a trust-less solution.

Moreover, Coinchange users would be able to inspect and investigate and look through every wallet, every transaction, every vault, and every smart contract that they interact with in our ecosystem. We are going to launch the protocol because 85% of the infrastructure is already on-chain.

How does Coinchange mitigate risk in DeFi?

We have published a comprehensive risk and mitigation report which you can find here.

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