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How do I transfer fiat into my Coinchange account?

Funding Your Coinchange Account via USD Wire Transfer - Instructions Included

Coinchange accounts can be funded in fiat via wire transfer. Coinchange can accept funds from US and non-US banks, however accounts can only be funded by wire transfers in USD.

Inbound Wire Transfers have no fees associated on our end (we do not charge a fee for accepting a wire transfer), there are no minimums or maximums for transfers, inbound wires are processed the same day they are received, and there are no holds on funds.

Wire Transfer Instructions  

Before you make a wire transfer, kindly make note of the following:

  • Inbound wire transfers will not be committed from third parties. Inbound wires must come from yourr personal bank account. If you are looking to deposit funds via a joint bank account, kindly contact our team to facilitate the process.
  • Ensure you have included Your Memo code in the additional instructions of your wire. Failure to provide Your Memo code will significantly delay processing time for the transferred funds, and may require you to contact Coinchange. For more information about the memo codes, please refer to the next section.

Wires must be initiated from your banking portal. If you have any questions in regards to initiating your transfer, we would advise reaching out to your bank.

When making a wire transfer, it is essential that you enter the correct information into the transfer instructions in your bank account’s portal.

Where can I find the memo code?

Memo codes are a series of digits unique to each Coinchange user account. These memo codes allow for Coinchange to attribute incoming wires to the appropriate Coinchange account and funding the account. Please ensure that you input the correct memo code when transferring funds in. To find your memo code, following the steps below:

  • Sign into your Coinchange account
  • Select "Receive" on your Cash Account
  • Select USD currency
  • Find your details for the wire transfer

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