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What is Coinchange?

Automated DeFi Yield Generation Platform - Coinchange

Coinchange is a technology platform that allows users to earn crypto on their holdings by facilitating yield generation through DeFi strategies. Coinchange strategies are automated systems, based on proprietary financial models that rebalance funds in the DeFi ecosystem as per changing market conditions.

We provide access to risk-managed yield in a new financial market through data insights, complex modelling and smart execution.

As an early mover in the space, we spent two years developing, designing and solving difficult problems before bringing our proprietary asset management platform to market in Q3 2021.

Our strategies use a combination of AI-driven automation techniques to generate returns that:

  • Are difficult or impossible to achieve manually
  • Require vast amounts of data to be collected, modeled and analyzed
  • Can be withdrawn with one click to multiple fiat or cryptocurrencies
  • Involve interaction with multiple protocols
  • Are diversified across a growing set of yield opportunities in DeFi and CeFi
  • Are hedged against market risk and volatility of major cryptocurrencies

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