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Secure Fiat and Crypto Trading Platform | Coinchange Security Features & Measures

Fiat and crypto security

Coinchange works with both fiat and crypto funds, and has established state-of-the-art components and systems to maintain maximum security.

These include:

  • smart withdrawal system with suspicious transfer detection
  • real-time notifications of account actions
  • multisig and encrypted wallets via our partner, Fireblocks
  • secured fiat transfers and storage with our partner, Silvergate Bank

End User security

Coinchange maintains best practices for users across key domains common to all fintech platforms and most online services:

  • DDoS prevention. We partner with CloudFlare to ensure the most reliable service possible for customers.
  • Extensive KYC. Coinchange has partnered with Jumio for best-in-class automated KYC processes and practices.
  • Two-factor authentication (2FA). We follow industry standards by providing options for secure authentication of account activity.
  • Fraud detection. Coinchange uses cutting-edge fraud detection procedures, with partners Chainalysis and Silvergate enabling us to provide trustworthy services for our users.

These measures are intended to preserve your account integrity and to create a secure trading/earning environment.

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