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Why is my ID verification failing?

Meta Title: Coinchange ID Verification Guide: Avoiding Common Mistakes & Ensuring Successful Verification

When signing up for a Coinchange account, you must verify your identity through our web or mobile application before getting access to Coinchange services.

ID verification

You must verify your identity through our verification partner Jumio through Coinchange (we do not accept verification through the support channels). There’s no need to worry though, here are a couple of scenarios on why your verification might be failing.

We could not verify the account with the verification documents provided

This can happen for the following reasons:

  • ID pictures could not be verified because the system could not read the picture (blurry, low lighting, documents are cropped, both pictures are of the same side of the ID).
  • Facial verification failed and the system could not accept the picture (blurry, low lighting, face isn’t in picture).
  • The system could not accept your ID (document is damaged, punched, or unsupported ex. voter’s card). Click here for a list of acceptable IDs.

When taking the ID and face pictures, please make sure that the following measures are taken:

  • Avoid movement while the verification is in process.
  • Try to fit your face in the circle.
  • Avoid staying too close to the camera for more precise focus.
  • Avoid staying under a direct spotlight, this could burn the picture of the face.
  • Center the camera.
  • Don't click or leave the page while the identity capturing is in process.

Our verification system allows for you to submit three attempts. If you have exhausted all three attempts or are unable to submit another attempt, reach out to support and we can reset your submission count.

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