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Linking A Payment Method

How do I link and verify my bank account?

Link your Bank Account to Coinchange for Wire Transfers | Coinchange Account Verification

In order to link your bank account to Coinchange, you will need to go to your profile on and select bank account. This page will allow you to submit a bank account to link.

Once you have linked your bank account, our team will review your submission. If our team needs additional information to verify your account, we will be reaching out with a request for additional documents. We will provide you with a secure link to complete your submission. Once your submission is reviewed and your bank account meets the requirements for verification, we will verify the account. Verified bank accounts can be used for outbound wire transfers.

Please note that Coinchange cannot accept third party bank account links on client accounts. Bank accounts can only be verified if they belong to Coinchange account owners. Coinchange cannot link corporate bank accounts to personal Coinchange accounts and vice versa.

If your account link is under review for more than 3 business days, kindly reach out to our support team.

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