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How do I withdraw Crypto from my Coinchange account?

Crypto Withdrawal Limits, Fees & Process | Coinchange

To withdraw crypto from Coinchange:

1. Desktop - select Withdraw at the top bar and choose the currency from the drop-down menu.


2. App - go to Trading tab and select Withdraw. Choose the currency from the drop-down menu.

There is a maximum daily crypto withdrawal limit of $10,000 per user. The minimum withdrawal requirement is $10. Please note that there is a fee on all crypto withdrawals:

BTC withdrawal = 0.0005 BTC

ETH withdrawal = 0.0055 ETH

USDC/USDT withdrawal = 10 USDC/USDT

DAI withdrawal = 10 DAI

Coinchange will send crypto to the wallet address provided. Please verify your withdrawal address carefully. A payment to the wrong address cannot be reversed. Coinchange will not be responsible for any loss of assets resulting from transfers to incorrect wallet addresses.

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