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Getting started with Coinchange

Coinchange Mobile App: Sign Up, Verify & Fund Your Account

In this article:

  • Download the mobile app
  • Sign up
  • Verify your email
  • Verify your phone number
  • Verify your ID
  • Fund your account

Download the mobile app

You can currently access Coinchange through our mobile app and web app. You can download Coinchange for your iPhone running iOS 13 and above or your Android Device running Android 6.0 and above. To register on our mobile app, simply download the app, select sign up, and insert your information.

Sign up (create an account)

The first step of the signup process is to fill out the information required in the image below. Please make sure you use a new and safe password for your Coinchange account instead of repeating an old password to keep your account as safe as possible. Once all the information is filled out, make sure you agree to our privacy policy & terms of use before checking the box.


Verify your email

You will be sent a verification email to the email address that you signed up with. Please click on the link you were sent to verify your email address. You will be sent back to the app to log in and move on to the next step of our verification process. You can also choose “I confirmed” manually shown in the image below to continue with the verification process. Feel free to reach out to our support team If you run into issues with receiving the verification email.


Verify your phone number


The next step would be to verify the phone number associated with your account for additional security. Once you enter your phone number, you will be sent a confirmation code which you will need to enter on the Coinchange app to complete two-factor authentication.

If you run into any issues with receiving the confirmation code, please click on the contact support option. An agent from our support team will be right there to help you!

Next, you will have to set up a 4 digit pin for you to access your account easily without using the full password and 2FA.

Note: We are working on integrating more two factor authentication methods like google authenticator in the near future!

Verify your ID

The last step of our verification process will be the identity verification. This will give you full access to all Coinchange services. Please make sure you check our supported states!

The first part would be to fill out the information needed in the image below using the options available in the drop down menu. After that form is complete, you will need to scan your identification documents. Make sure you choose the type of document that you wish to scan and the issuing country of your documents. You can find a list of the identity documents accepted by Coinchange here.


You start the scanning process by placing your ID of choice in front of the camera to scan the front of the ID first. Please make sure you scan the document clearly to avoid any issues with the verification process. After that, you will need to scan the back of the same ID clearly by placing it in front of the camera until it is captured automatically. Check out this article for more information on how to ensure a successful identity document submission.


You will need to take a clear selfie by centring your face in the frame and then following the instructions on the screen. Once you complete all three steps of the identity verification, your documents will be uploaded and sent to be verified by our verification partner Jumio. The verification process can take up to 1 business day. If you’re still not verified after that, please contact support for one of our agents to take a look and investigate.


Fund your account

To make your first transfer in, go to the trading page and select the deposit option. You will have the option to fund your account by transferring cryptocurrency or USD. The drop-down menu at the top will show you the available cryptocurrencies to choose from. You will also be able to see your wallet address there. Once you choose the currency you wish to transfer you can send it to the provided Coinchange wallet address.


Please make sure you double-check your wallet address before transferring funds into your Coinchange account. Coinchange is not responsible for any loss of assets resulting from transfers to incorrect wallet addresses. An error in your wallet ID will cause a permanent loss in your funds.

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