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Why are my funds on hold?

To understand why Coinchange places balance holds, you first need to understand how Coinchange generates yield...

To earn yield, Coinchange allocates crypto to various blockchain protocols with the highest yield  possible. By doing so, Coinchange provides liquidity to those protocols, making DeFi truly possible by allowing you to buy, sell and swap crypto. You pay fees to the protocol in exchange for their services. These fees get passed on to its liquidity providers based on the share of liquidity they allocate to the protocol. These fees are paid in the form of LP tokens (liquidity provider tokens), which Coinchange then converts to the currency of your holdings and pays you in that currency.

To make that all possible, Coinchange needs time to move tokens out of its liquidity pools and back into Coinchange, which accounts for the hold times on your account.

How long is the hold?

When you transfer funds out of your Earn Account and into the Trade Account (and vice versa), your funds will be on hold for a total of two business days. Please note that there is a cutoff time of 3PM Eastern Time. If you placed the transfer after the cutoff time, your transfer will require an additional day to process.

There is also a 10-day hold on all new bank transfers. Please ensure you wait those 10 days before transferring funds into your Earn Account.

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